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  • Students use Excel Test Zone to prepare for NAPLAN, Opportunity Class Tests, Selective School and Scholarship Tests. It is also used for general practice throughout the year to improve in key subjects and prepare for school exams!
  • Excel Test Zone is brought to you by Excel, the test preparation experts in Australia for over 30 years.
  • All our tests are prepared by a team of educators with extensive experience in publishing quality educational resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

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About Excel Test Zone tests

The test-like environment

All our tests are based on actual test times, so your child will practise under test conditions all the time. Read what one parent said:

Thank you for the FANTASTIC* Excel Test Zone *program. It helped my child to prepare for last year’s NAPLAN Year 3 Tests and to receive a very good report. I believe doing sample tests helps a lot. They learn to do the test within the time limit, they learn how to answer questions and it gives them some idea of the type of questions.

- Judy, Vic

The review system

With the review section, children can easily find out where they went wrong. Read what one parent said:

I purchased Excel Test Zone Selective Test for my Year 5 son to practise and prepare for the Selective Test next year. He found it challenging at the start because the questions were too hard for him, but with persistence he found the website useful. He found it particularly exciting when he could review his answers at the end of the test to work out his mistakes and correct them. Excel Test Zone was definitely helpful not just for me as a parent to prepare my child; I’d also recommend it for teachers to prepare their class. I will definitely purchase it again for my next child.

- Swat, NSW

The self-learning system

Excel Test Zone is very engaging for students; this means they are more easily motivated to practise as many tests as possible. Read what one parent said:

I found the Excel Test Zone Opportunity Class Placement online test very convenient because my daughter could study by herself. She could log on and take the test questions and then review her answers. She was able to review her mistakes and this was very helpful for her in understanding where she went wrong. I have also purchased the Selective Schools test as I am very happy with the program. Thank you for your test practice; it is very helpful.

- Hien, NSW