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Australian Standards Assessment Tests

The Achievement Standards Assessment tests have been written to provide comprehensive support for the implementation of the Achievement Standards, as outlined in the Australian Curriculum. These tests encompass crucial subjects, including:

  • Numbers & Algebra

  • Measurement & Space

  • Statistics & Probability

  • English Comprehension

  • English Language

Australian Curriculum Assessment & Reporting Authority (ACARA) Codes

Assessments are a fundamental component of the learning journey. The insights gained by teachers through these assessments inform their program design and delivery, while simultaneously creating continuous data that facilitates personalised student support and valuable feedback.

The design of Achievement Standards Assessments is centered on revealing the depth of a student's comprehension within each subject strand. These assessments are meticulously crafted to align with the Achievement Outcomes stipulated in the Australian Curriculum.

Each test is interlinked with its distinct ACARA code, enabling precise student evaluation and alignment with both the Australian Curriculum and your current lesson plan.

Benefits for Teachers

The assessment tests in your Test Pack can be used in a variety of ways. Here are some of the ways you can implement these tests in your classroom:

  • Simply assign assessment tests for students to complete.
  • Select a test to match your classroom program.
  • Track individual student progress with detailed reports.
  • Search and select tests with relevant ACARA codes.

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