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  • Excel Test Zone gives you a choice of six Online Subscriptions to choose from. (Please see the table below.)

All Online Subscriptions provide:

  • A full range of tests in different subjects to help students prepare for the required test
  • Up to or over a thousand questions to help students practise for the required test
  • Access to a range of different reports to provide feedback to students and parents
  • Free access to the Gymbrainium and Mind Games
  • An opportunity to compete with other students and be ranked statewide and Australia-wide!

View the full range of Online Subscriptions available now!

Type of Online Subscription Number of Tests Number of Questions Subscription Ends Parent Price Teacher Price
Year 3 NAPLAN*-style Tests Subscription 68 1156 20 Jun 2020 $39.95 $199
Year 5 NAPLAN*-style Tests Subscription 70 1195 20 Jun 2020 $39.95 $199
Year 6 Selective Schools & Scholarship-style Tests Subscription 46 1479 14 May 2020 $59.95 $199
Year 7 NAPLAN*-style Tests Subscription 40 1029 20 Jun 2020 $39.95 $199
Year 9 NAPLAN*-style Tests Subscription 44 1084 20 Jun 2020 $39.95 $199

Subscription prices are in Australian dollars only.

* This is not an officially endorsed publication of the NAPLAN program and is produced by Pascal Press independently of Australian governments.