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FREE Downloadable NAPLAN*-style Tests (with answers)

Download and print these NAPLAN*-style Tests (with answers) for FREE and mark them yourself.

Title Test Type Number of Questions Time Option
YEAR 9 Writing Test Free Test 1 40 min Download Test

FREE Online NAPLAN*-style Tests

Try these NAPLAN*-style Tests online for FREE and have them automatically marked for you.

Note: These tests are similar to the Short Tests in the Year 9 NAPLAN*-style Tests Subscription.

Title Test Type Number of Questions Time Option
YEAR 9 Reading Test Free Test 15 22 min Take Test
YEAR 9 Numeracy Test Free Test 16 20 min Take Test
YEAR 9 Language Conventions Test Free Test 25 22 min Take Test

* This is not an officially endorsed publication of the NAPLAN program and is produced by Pascal Press independently of Australian governments.

All efforts have been made to gain permission for the copyright material reproduced in the tests on this website. The publisher welcomes any information that will enable additional reference or credit.