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NAPLAN and Excel Test Zone

How do I know that the test questions in Excel Test Zone cover the appropriate content?

  • If you go to the official  NAPLAN site, you will be able to view and download past NAPLAN Test papers.
  • The questions in Excel Test Zone are not past NAPLAN Test paper questions as these are protected by copyright.
  • The Excel Test Zone questions are completely new and are based closely on the type of questions students are likely to face in the actual tests they are preparing for.
  • Excel specialises in this test area, with twenty years experience in educational publishing. Excel has helped thousands of students succeed in tests with our wide range of practice books for tests such as the Basic Skills Tests, Opportunity Class Placement Tests, Selective Schools Tests, Scholarship Tests, VCE and HSC.
  • The same experienced authors of these successful test practice books have written the thousands of questions for Excel Test Zone. All our authors are experienced in teaching as well as test construction.

What is being assessed? Is NAPLAN based on any state syllabuses?

  • NAPLAN is not based on any specific state syllabuses. The material tested is broadly based on what is taught in English and Mathematics across Australia.
  • The tests have been developed using the nationally agreed Statements of Learning that reflect the core elements of the curriculum documents used in the different states and territories.
  • In Excel Test Zone, the four Numeracy strands are covered: Numbers; Algebra, Functions and Patterns; Space; Measurement, Data and Chance. In Literacy, the reading strand is covered as well as the Writing strand (Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation).
  • Remember that the content of the NAPLAN Tests will not match exactly the syllabus of your state or your teaching in class. To ensure that appropriate content is covered, more than the basic levels of English and Mathematics should be taught in class. The tests in Excel Test Zone will give you an idea of the content and strategies to use in the NAPLAN Tests.
  • Remember also that each NAPLAN Test will have six bands (levels) of achievement. For students to perform well in the higher bands, more difficult content will have to be covered. The tests in Excel Test Zone have such questions in them to ensure students gain the appropriate practice.

Who develops the tests?

  • The tests are developed by ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority) in conjunction with state and territory departments and boards of studies.

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We used the Excel Test Zone website for our Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students. We used it mainly as homework and then reviewed questions in class. Our teachers felt that Excel Test Zone gave parents and students ownership of NAPLAN preparation. It also helped fill a lot of gaps. It was self paced and suited the kids in terms of how they like to learn. Students loved that it was online. We received emails regularly stating our students’ progress, which we found very beneficial. The customer service team were very professional and helpful, and were always available for tech support. All in all we are very happy with the program and are looking forward to resubscribing in 2011.

Norman Mikhail
Head of Primary
St Mark’s Coptic Orthodox College

We were very impressed with the Excel Test Zone program. We used the program in the lead-up to the NAPLAN Tests for approximately half an hour a day for our Year 3 and 5 classes. The students used it on individual computers and we also used it as a whole-class lesson as well. We also encouraged students to practise at home. We feel the program was very helpful and added a lot of value to our teaching. The students’ results were very positive, indicating that the program was very beneficial. I have also recommended the Excel Test Zone website to other schools in my area.

Lyndon McMasters
Assistant Principal
Lynwood Park Public School

* This is not an officially endorsed publication of the NAPLAN program and is produced by Pascal Press independently of Australian governments.

All efforts have been made to gain permission for the copyright material reproduced in the tests on this website. The publisher welcomes any information that will enable additional reference or credit.