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Welcome to Mind Games!

Reward yourself with a timeout from test practice! 

  • Play any of these fun games from the list below.

How does Mind Games work?

  • When you have earned a minimum amount of brain cells, you can play any of the games in Mind Games.

Brain cells are earned every time you complete a test from any Online Subscription or the Gymbrainium.

  • The more tests you do and the better you do in them, the higher your brain cell total!
  • Your brain cell grand total from all the tests that you have completed in current and past Online Subscriptions is multiplied by your average test result to get a performance score. This is then compared to other students' Performance Scores and if you have excelled, you will be rewarded with a place in the Top Students Hall of Fame on the home page!

Name Yearly Best Monthly Best Weekly Best Option
Symbol Scramble
Match coloured symbols to form rows and columns. 3 or more in-a-row scores, clearing the symbols and boosting the meter. Level-up and more symbols are added to scramble your brain!
478875 478875 136815 Play TrialScoreboard
Build a Blueprint to move the metal ball from the starting bucket into the cup. Sounds easy, right? Not so! Try different methods to solve each puzzle, but remember: the clock is ticking!
2490 Play TrialScoreboard
This is your brain. Use your net and catch the ideas, collect the brain cells and avoid the brain storms.
55515 None
16190 Play TrialScoreboard
Mental Mayhem
Challenge great brains from history in the great Brain Racing Carnival. Will you be the most worthy racer in the eyes of Albert Einstein?
544877 336788 22094 Play TrialScoreboard
Letter Scatter
Shoot the cannon to match 3 or more balls of the same colour, then catch the letters to build your score.
2695270 2695270 551560 Play TrialScoreboard
Use the mouse to collect as many shapes as you can whilst avoiding vortexes and laser beams.
6345 None
172 Play TrialScoreboard

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